A Pillow can be soft and plump when you lay your head on it. Of all the things imaginable, a warm bed is what calls to me. However, the stone presses against me bringing unbearable pain in the hours of slumber. The only cushion I feel is the piece of…

Ageism Within the Phrase

Quote from Joe Biden for LGBTQ+ Rights


This phrase has been used validly towards our oldest living generation, the boomers, on multiple occasions. A lot of them persist on oppressing the minorities of younger generations with their words and actions. They helped elect Donald Trump in 2016. …

White Noise (Poetry2)


I guess there once was a man

He could cook in a can

And replicate stories with his hand

He never gave it much thought


White Noise (Poetry1)


One of the hardest steps in getting some good rest is relaxation. You may not find it until the moment is best, but at least you’ll get some good night’s sleep for the test.
You can dream of math, one plus two is three. Or you could…


I’m a nineteen-year-old non-binary man. Goth in life style and proudly queer by nature.

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